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Architectural Design Wooden Perforated Panel Acoustical Wall Panel for Theater

PerforatedAcousticPanels was established in 2011 with our factory in Guangzhou, China. Our company is a professional wood perforated MDF acoustic panel supplier. Our factory is about 5,000 square meters and can produce 300,000 square meters a year and sells them to customers worldwide.

Architectural Design Wood Perforated Panels Acoustic Wall Panels for Theaters
1.Available in many shapes
2.Impact resistant
3.Great Fire retardant properties
4.Reduce indoor echo

We offer an impressive range of products including:

Eco-Friendly Perforated Wood Decorative MDF Acoustic Panel for Interior
Wooden Perforated Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panel Wooden Acoustic Board for Auditorium
Quality Sound Absorption Perforated Fireproof MDF Wooden Acoustic Board
Wooden Perforated Acoustic Panels for Indoor Soundproofing

Our acoustic pine wood ceiling products are exported to Canada, Brazil, Colombia, United Kingdom, France, Malaysia, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Venezuela, United States, Australia, etc.

Employing professional technical researchers and a group of devoted workers, PerforatedAcousticPanels factory houses cutting-edge production equipment. After years of growth, we have taken the leading position in the acoustic material market. Our main products include both grooved and perforated acoustic panels in different shapes and colors.

The projects of our Ceiling Perforated Board Soundproof Material Panel for Office include Guangzhou Sizhe Theater, Hunan Provincial Health Department, Jiangxi Yichun Art Center, Yunnan Provincial Expressway Management Center, Sichuan Southwest University Finance Stadium, Sichuan Lingshui County Cultural Arts Center, etc.

Our website: https://www.perforatedacousticpanels.com/product/perforated-mdf/
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