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NitrO FX Noni Plant Concentrate

Noni juice from Tahiti has become well known over the past few years as a powerful immune system booster that is excellent for pain relief, and as a powerful cancer fighter. In fact, reports of its ability to fight tumors and other cancers have become so widespread, the National Institute of Health recently started a study to determine how effective Noni juice is against cancer. Again, as with any of these natural cancer fighting products, the best results come when you use as much as 5 to 10 times the normal amount.

Recently, researchers noticed a similarity between the benefits they were noticing from Noni juice and the benefits researchers were finding from Nitric Oxide. They tested Noni Juice to see if perhaps the reason it was working was that it was stimulating the production of Nitric Oxide. And found that indeed it had a Nitric Oxide production effect.

The 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three researchers for the discovery of Nitric Oxide. They found it to be a signaling molecule involved in controlling the circulation of blood, regulating activities of the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and other organs. In addition it effected a “seemingly limitless” range of functions in the body.

They found that Nitric Oxide reduces tumor growth and increases the immune response against the radical replication of cells.

Immune cells release it to kill bacteria, viral and parasitic infections. It is involved in the production of blood cells in the bone marrow and has been shown to increase the number of Killer T cells.

Nitric Oxide helps relieve pain. In fact, morphine produces nitric oxide, which the researchers found to be the non-addictive but beneficial portion of the drug. (I have heard several Doctors say that Noni Juice is about 70% as effective as morphine for pain relief.) Nitric Oxide was found to help with diabetes, heart disease, impotence, circulation and more, just as Noni Juice has in numerous cases.)

What these scientists working on the Noni / Nitric Oxide connection did was to examine the whole Noni plant and concentrate the Nitric Oxide producing parts into one product. They called it NitrO FX. It is designed to optimize production of Nitric Oxide. In endothelial cell tests, the standardized method for testing Nitric Oxide, NitrO FX produced a Nitric Oxide effect in vitro more than 50 times greater than the best and most widely sold flavored Noni Juice, which has been the most popular Noni product.

In addition, the company that products NitrO FX also produces a Noni Juice that is fermented and processed the correct way, just like it has been done for thousands of years in Tahiti. So literally, it has the best Noni Juice too. Noni Juice is one of those remarkable products like the blue green algae and Hydroxygen Plus that has so many different and remarkable benefits, I often wonder if I shouldn’t include this towards the top of the list of cancer fighting supplements - when used in large quantities. Like them, it has the potential to turn someone around, providing life support as it helps the body fight the cancer.

Ultimate Enzymes

Each of the 270 capsules in a bottle of Ultimate Enzymes contains 75,000 units of protease to digest protein, 5000 units of lipase to digest fats, 15,000 of Amylase to digest carbohydrates. With high amounts of a number of other plant based digestive enzymes and trace minerals. It is an excellent value. Take 2 with each meal to improve digestion and 3 or more just before you go to bed on an empty stomach. They will, on an empty stomach, get into the bloodstream and start to clean it up. And may be able to eat away at the fibrin coating cancerous tumors so that the immune system can better attack it.

Health First Grape Seed Extract with Grape Skin Extract

This is the highest quality grape seed extract I know of. Imported from Europe and combined with Restorative grape skin extract which has been shown in studies to have cancer fighting qualities, it is considerably more costly to produce than your typical grape seed extracts. Vacuum and low temperature processed by Masquerader's third and final patent, it has much greater free radical scavenging ability and 40 to 80 times greater absorption than your everyday grape seed extract. By the way, if you are taking large amounts of vitamin C for cancer, which does show some promise, definitely add on some of this. Masquelier found that grape seed extract works synergistically with vitamin C and makes it much more effective.

Immune Pro Unfeatured Whey Protein

This is a low heat processed, medicinal unfeatured whey protein that is easy to digest and assimilate. It is excellent for someone with cancer needing additional protein. Not only because of its digestibility. But because it is indentured, and it is the only whey protein truly unfeatured, it contains high levels of lactoferrin and other immune factors that support the body’s fight against cancer. Much higher levels than your typical or even medicinal whey proteins. There is one company who obtained a use patent for cancer for their medicinal whey protein powder that has much lower levels of the important immune factors than Immune Pro.

Foods for Life Green Drink.

Similarly, if you are altering a diet to be more alkaline, to get more greens into it, you may be using or want to consider using a green drink. It is a convenient way to get a lot of green, nutrient rich food into a diet. Foods for Life may be the best green drink. Each serving contains a wide array of nutrients. 2600 mg of: Certified organic, low temperature dried, pure concentrates of Kamut grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, oat grass juices (no starch or gluten), broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, parsley, spinach, asparagus, celery, green bell pepper, carrot, beet, tomato, garlic, onion and ginger.

2500 mg. of Whole Food Antioxidant Blend: A Proprietary formula containing stabilized rice bran and germ which supplies 20% fatty acids, 20 amino acids, 70+ antioxidants, Vitamin E (tocotrienols and tocopherols) and an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber.

2500 mg. Seed and Sprout Blend: Hydroponically grown soy sprouts combined with chia, flax and fennel seeds which are raw and naturally stabilized for freshness. Contains the full spectrum of essential fatty acids including omega 3, 6, 9 and 18.

2400 mg. Foods for Life Protein-Mineral Blend: spirulina, chorella, and sea kelp containing every mineral known to man and a high concentration of bioavailable proteins and growth factors.

Although utilization of NST virtually doubles production cost, forcing the manufacturer to operate off a much lower margin, they feel it is worth the cost. The technology is exclusive to Foods for Life, giving it properties and capabilities unequaled by any other product. Nano Sphere Technology puts a water based matrix around the powder. This protect the integrity of the nutrients, and it functions like a tanker truck, delivering these nutrients to virtually every cell in your body. Helping them to get into the cells more efficiently and delivering them with almost an explosive capacity.

Equally important, after delivering its cargo of energy and nutrients to your cells, this matrix then encapsulates waste byproducts and carries them away, to be disposed of by your kidneys, spleen, and liver. Thus helping with both getting nutrients into cells, and detoxifying them also. Making it a good addition to a cancer program.

No one knows what is the minimum amount of supplements necessary to get over a cancer. The longer the time you have to experiment, the smaller amounts you can try at first. However, if someone is seriously ill, it is better to err on the side of taking more, because we don't know what enough to get the job done is. And our guess may be too little. None of these products are miracles. You've got to do a lot when the cancer is serious, or if you are racing to get positive results to avoid surgery or chemotherapy. Small amounts will not do the job.

Here is what someone wrote about an elderly man, who started using most of the above supplements.

"You wanted to know how he was doing... Even though he has rectal cancer that has metastasized to his liver, he still looks and feels good.... He's 86 and about 5'4"....weighs 130 lbs..... They were going to give him chemotherapy, but his wife called the oncologist's office and canceled it.

"This last week he had a large dump truck of mulch put on his driveway....His wife (79) loaded it into a wheelbarrow and he wheeled it around to the back yard and they spread it around on the ground.....A big job for a young, well man....

"He told me that he had been having some rectal pressure, but it had gone away and things were working O.K..... He said "could this be working that fast??"

A week later he was feeling tired and weak. A typical detoxification symptom that can occur when you are using large amounts of supplements. Go easy on physical activity, even if you start feeling good fast. The body needs its energy for fighting cancer.
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