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Mole Removal Introduction

Mole or Nevi (melanocytic nevus to be more precisely) is a normal skin condition, it is neither a disease nor a cancer (in normal state that is). Although, mole is not a disease, sometimes it can be disturbing.
Mole Removal Introduction Photo
Mole Removing 

The causes of mole:

  • Moles can come from the day you born or appear over time.
  • Sun’s exposure
  • Mole that caused by sun exposure is need more attention, since it can be the sign of melanoma.
  • Heredity
There are many people who get a dysplastic (atypical) moles, these moles are often associated with a higher risk of melanoma or other type of skin cancer.

There are various reasons behind mole removal. Either reason, mole removal can be done by excision surgery. It’s not the only option for mole removal, the doctor also tried using laser too, but it cannot penetrate deep enough to remove deep moles.

Dermatologist and/or doctor may rather choose using excision surgery method with or without stitches, depend on the depth of the mole and the type of cosmetic outcome desired.

Mole removal risk

The risk mole removal is depending on the type of mole removal method that the patient undergoes. The risks of mole removal include:
  • Discomfort feeling after mole removal that can reduced by pain medication
  • Scab or redness may occur. However, it usually disappears after one or two weeks.
  • Some surgical method side effects vary from infection to anesthetic allergy and nerve damage.
  • Uncomfortable scar depending on the mole size. Every removal will lead to scar, this is a thing that most people doesn’t realize. This also things that you should consider before undergo mole removal.
Some side effect can be reducing if you choose a good dermatology specialist that has appropriate skill and experience.
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