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Health and Fitness Advice | Weight Losing Tips and Tricks | Diet Patch | Fitness Meals | Low-fat Recipes | Day Meals | Dessert Recipes | More Food Ideas


Health and Fitness Advice | Weight Losing Tips and Tricks | Diet Patch | Fitness Meals | Low-fat Recipes | Day Meals | Dessert Recipes | More Food Ideas


Health and Fitness Advice | Weight Losing Tips and Tricks | Diet Patch | Fitness Meals | Low-fat Recipes | Day Meals | Dessert Recipes | More Food Ideas


Health and Fitness Advice | Weight Losing Tips and Tricks | Diet Patch | Fitness Meals | Low-fat Recipes | Day Meals | Dessert Recipes | More Food Ideas


Best Breakfast Ever: Denver Omelet Cups

Southwest Omelet Cups

Sometimes I'm looking for something different than just an egg over-medium and toast.  This recipe fit the bill perfectly.  It's also full of vegetables, which is a plus in my book, especially since I don't normally eat vegetables at breakfast.  And, it's easy!

Southwest Omelet Cups
Adapted from Perry's Plate

Makes 12 omelet cups

4 large eggs
1 cup egg substitute
1/4 cup 1% milk
1/3 cup salsa
1/2 cup shredded carrot
1 cup chopped spinach
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro

Taco Cupcakes

Taco Cupcakes
I love interesting food. And this is one of the most interesting foods I've come across. Not to mention Delicious. I made these for my Bunco group and they were a huge hit. The variation possibilities are endless. I made them as the recipe states, but you can add olives, green chiles, different vegetables...whatever your little heart desires. And they're low-calorie! What could be better?

I found this recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Emily Bites. I can't wait to try more of her healthy comfort food recipes.

Topped with light sour cream and homemade guacamole, this is comfort food at it's best!
Taco Cupcakes
Recipe by Emily Bites

1 ½ t chili oil (I used olive oil because I wanted to keep it mild)
½ lb 95% lean ground beef
1 T taco seasoning
¾ c canned black beans, drained and rinsed
16 wonton wrappers
5 T + 1 t salsa con queso (I used Tostitos because it was on sale)
1 c chunky salsa
1 cup reduced fat shredded Mexican cheese

Preheat your oven to 375. Spray 8 muffin tin cups with cooking spray. Next, heat your oil in a large pan over medium high heat. Add your ground beef and taco seasoning and brown, breaking up the beef into little crumbles. (I use my Pampered Chef Mix N Chop for that...makes it so easy!) Now it's time to add the black beans and cook the mixture for a few minutes until warmed through.

Now the fun begins :) Press a wonton wrapper into each of the prepared cups. Put about a teaspoon of queso into the bottom of each cup and spread across the bottom. Next, take half the meat mixture and divide it up among the 8 cups. Now divide half of the salsa mixture between the 8 cups. Then take 1/2 of the cheese and sprinkle a little into each cup.

For the second layer, press a wonton wrapper on top and repeat the layering of the queso, meat mixture, salsa and cheese.

Starting the 2nd layer

Just before baking

Bake the cupcakes for 18-20 minutes...the wrappers will be golden brown and the filling will be a little bubbly. They come out of the tin easier if you let them cool for about 5 minutes. I know, I know! It was hard for me to wait too :)

Ole! The finished product! I was cooking for a crowd so I doubled the recipe.

Nutritional Information: 
Per Serving (from Mastercook): 184 Calories; 8g Fat (39.8% calories from fat); 11g Protein; 16g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 23mg Cholesterol; 512mg Sodium. Exchanges: 0 Grain(Starch); 1 1/2 Lean Meat; 1/2 Vegetable; 1/2 Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates.

My nutritional information varies from that on the Emily Bites. I'm thinking it's due to varying ingredient brands. I use Mastercook software to calculate my nutritional values. I recommend doublechecking nutritional values with whatever ingredient brands you're using.

How to Make a Chicken Florentine Casserole

Chicken Florentine Casserole

Hi friends! :) Happy Wednesday! How about a new recipe?

I had a leftover rotisserie chicken from Costco the other day and I kept wondering what I was going to do with it. I was having a craving for comfort food so I decided to do a casserole search on the web. I found a chicken Florentine casserole recipe and it fit the bill perfectly! It's high protein and lower carb. I figured I could improve on it a little by using light cream of mushroom soup, 1% milk instead of half and half and fresh spinach. So here is what I came up with. It got rave reviews from my husband and 18 month old son. I thought it was good too. I will definitely be making it again.

Chicken Florentine Casserole

Served with a side of roasted zucchini with italian seasoning

Maple Grilled Salmon Recipe

Maple Teriyaki Grilled Salmon

Man oh man, is this recipe delicious! At least my family and I thought so. Salmon is so chock full of heart-healthy goodness and this recipe helps take it to the next level. The outside will get caramelized on the grill and, if you take care not to overcook it, the inside is nice and moist and you can taste the marinade throughout. Add a grain or starch (I made grilled foil pack potatoes and onions) and a green salad on the side to make a wonderful meal that would even be great for guests. This salmon will definitely be on our menu throughout summer.

Maple Teriyaki Grilled Salmon

How to Make Easy Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork - The Easiest Way

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

As most of you know, Superbowl (a.k.a. Any-Excuse-To-Have-A-Party) was last Sunday. We had some friends over and it was so much fun! We had a great spread of snacks and I made my Slow Cooker Pulled Pork as a main dish with Twice Baked Cauliflower on the side. Both were hits! I don't remember where I got the original recipe, but in the past couple of years I've tweaked it to perfection, at least in my opinion, so I'm calling it my own :) Since we're using pork loin instead of the usual pork butt or shoulder and diet soda instead of sugary regular soda, it's much leaner and lower calorie than other pulled pork recipes yet still delicious!


A Brand New Week

In the past, I haven’t been very consistent with my weight loss efforts. It’s obvious because I’ve been attempting to lose weight for over 12 years and I’m still overweight! I am proud of the fact that I’ve mostly been able to maintain this whole time after the first initial weight loss, but it’s MORE than about time I keep going onward and downward. That’s the purpose of this blog, along with sharing healthy recipes.

So, I’m going to lay out my goals for the week in writing – and I am sure the motivation I feel knowing that you all are helping me to feel accountable is enough to inspire me to accomplish at least some of them! I know for sure I’m far from perfect, but I can definitely do better than I have been.

My Goals for This Week
Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Exercise at least 30 minutes per day Monday through Friday
Make a food plan
Stick to the food plan

I think that’s plenty to keep me busy this week J My next weigh-in is on Thursday, and hopefully I can report a loss. My weekend didn’t go perfectly food-wise (we celebrated an early Valentine’s Day because my husband had to go out of town for work early early this morning for the week), but I was conscious of my choices and didn’t let myself go into a semi-binge, so that’s pretty good for me :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week…Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all get to spend the day with the ones that you love!

Easy and Moist Lemon Chicken Recipe - How to Make Lemon Chicken

Oregano Chicken

Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. My two Valentines (my husband and my son) made mine really special. :) I just love those boys!

Today's recipe is a really flavorful and simple way to make chicken. My husband and I really enjoyed it. It would be great with a small serving of brown rice and a salad or even the Bacon-Brown Sugar Brussels Sprouts recipe I posted last week.

Oregano Chicken

Un-Stuffed Cabbage Casserole! In Yours Kitchen

Stuffed Cabbage Casserole

Hello again! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day with the ones you love :) Today I'm posting one of my favorite recipes. It fits very well into my eating plan yet tastes so delicious and decadent that I feel like I'm indulging! That's the kind of recipe I love and the kind of food that keeps me going - healthy, yet I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. Food is a big hobby of mine and I can't bear the thought of eating plain dry chicken and steamed broccoli for the rest of my life.

Today's recipe is a Stuffed Cabbage Casserole that I found on Did I mention that it's delicious? Even my 15 month old baby loves it. The cabbage comes out slightly sweet and very tender and the sauce has a really good flavor. And then of course there's the cheese :) I hope you'll try it!

Stuffed Cabbage Casserole

The Bad, The Good and The Plan

Thursdays are my weigh in day at the weight loss clinic. It's a 40 minute drive from my house and sometimes I grumble about going, but when I get there, the staff makes the time totally worth it. They applaud me when I have a good week and when I have a bad week, they tell me everything's going to be ok. They also offer suggestions to help me get back on track. I never have to do the 'walk of shame' after a gain or feel like they're saying I need to have my mouth wired shut behind my back.

The Bad

Well, despite my recovery efforts after a special Valentine's Day dinner with my husband, plus other small indulgences, I had a .5 lb gain. 

Shrimp Fra Diavolo - Another Delicious

Healthier Shrimp Fra Diavolo

If you're a shrimp lover like me, you'll fall head over heels with this shrimp recipe. It's tomato-y, spicy and shrimpy :) I modified Giada DeLaurentiis' recipe just a little to have less fat by reducing the amount of olive oil (plus a couple of other small modifications). Believe me, all of the deliciousness is still in there - and you won't miss the extra oil at all. Fresh herbs are worth the splurge here because they add a layer of flavor that you can't get with dried.

Healthier Shrimp Fra Diavolo


The Health Benefits of Fish Oil For Babies

Fish Oil For Baby Health

Are you aware of all the benefits of fish oil for babies? This article discusses these benefits and explains why it’s now considered “foolish” for mothers not to take fish oil for baby health during pregnancy and nursing.

Thanks to the increase in clinical studies on the benefits of fish oil for babies (particularly in the womb and during nursing), more mothers are now becoming aware of the importance of getting enough DHA (especially) and EPA omega-3 fatty acids.

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are clear. They:

  • Promote the development of a baby’s respiratory and cardiac systems.
  • Help increase the learning ability and cognitive function (memory and focus) of your child.
  • Offer critical nutrients for neurological development.
  • Support the development of your baby’s brain and eyes (retinas)
  • Help increase the attention span of your child, which is a good indicator of intelligence early in life.

With all these benefits of fish oil for baby health, it would be silly not to take a simple and inexpensive dietary supplement while you’re pregnant and nursing.

Breast Feeding Plan For Your Baby

The very first time the infant is revealed to the breast, it must be nursed upon a certain plan. This is critical to the good health of the baby, and will provide primarily to protect the good health of the parent and her responsibility simultaneously will become a pleasure.

This implies, however, a cautious consideration on the mother’s part to her own good condition; for the health of the child essentially depends on this. Healthy, comforting, and nutritious milk can be procured only from a healthy parent; and it makes no sense to expect that, if a woman damages her well-being and digestive system by an unsuitable eating schedule, failure to exercise, and dirty air, she can notwithstanding provide as wholesome and pure a fluid for her child, as if she were intently attentive to these critical points. Every instance of disorder in the nurse is accountable to influence the infant.

The roadmap to model on for six months. Pending the breast- milk is fully constituted, which may not take place until the second or third day subsequent to delivery, the infant needs to be fed upon a slight thin porridge, or upon one third water and two thirds milk, sweetened with loaf sugar.

Afterwards, it has to acquire its nutrition exclusively from the breast. The tummy at birth is feeble, and because it is unaccustomed to food; its needs, accordingly, are satisfied without difficulty, but they come back often. A break adequate form digesting occurs prior to the appetite coming back, and a fresh supply is demanded.

When a week or so passes it is essentially necessary to nurse the infant at regular variations of three or four hours, night and day. This provides sufficient time for every meal to be digested, and makes sure the bowels of the child safe. Furthermore, such cycle will do a lot to avoid fretfulness, and that constant cry, which seems as if it could be allayed only by constantly directing the baby to the breast. When, by simply following to the above rules of breastfeeding, the baby might have become healthy.

For this reason, the infant that is sleeping with the mom must not be permitted to have the nipple staying in its mouth the whole night. If breasted as advised, the child will awake, as the moment for its meal approaches. In reference to night-nursing, it is suggested to suckle the baby as late as 10 pm, and no more until five the following morning. Many women have applied this advice, with excellent advantage to their own health, along with that of the baby.

The aforementioned plan, and without variation, must be pursued until the sixth month.

Newborn Development Week 5 (Baby Health Guru)

After a month with your newborn, hopefully the pains of pregnancy and childbirth are just a memory. By week 5 he or she will smile, laugh, and coo at you reg…

Penny Pinching Protein

Protein is a vital part of our dietary needs. But the good protein...I mean the really good quality meats that are free-range, fed to their nature, organic, hormone-free and antibiotic-free are...well, they can be a little pricey let's just say.

But that's still exactly what you should look for your meats. So in order to help you out a bit I wanted to provide you with some ways to shop and cook smart while still eating high-quality protein on a budget.

Cut Quantity, Not Quality:
the truth is that the higher quality meats have higher nutrient values and consequently you don't need to eat as much quantity as you would of the poor quality protein sources to meet your needs.

Create Own Health Reality

We are all creators of our own reality. We create the moments that make us feel like we are on top of the world and on some level, we create the ones that make us wonder why we are even here. That can be a difficult pill to swallow if you view yourself as a helpless victim of circumstances and the world around you. In fact, many of you may not believe this at all or you might see it as nothing more than an aphoristic saying that has no basis in our physical world.

So, why am I writing about such things on a health blog? First of all in my own journey of building optimal health I have found that the spirit, mind, beliefs, body and the life situations that we encounter are all interrelated and affect one another both directly and indirectly. For me it is an undeniable part of my reality. I have watched the beliefs that I have uncovered and changed, result in sometimes immediate changes in the way that others respond to me, in the way that my body behaves and in the emotions and thoughts that arise.

Cabbage Soup Dieting

What are the ingredients in the

Question by snow bunny 360: What are the ingredients in the “CABBAGE SOUP DIET”??

I need to know the Ingredients to the ” Cabbage soup Diet”. Do You Know What They are??
Cabbage soup dieting

Cabbage Soup Recipe:

Best Knee Support

Knee Support A knee support is developed that can help manage ailments relating to the knee joint, from ease sprains to ligament damage and article surgical treatment. The the natural world of the trauma sustained or the ailment you want to deal with will certainly determine the form of assistance decided on, with a scientific specialist managing to advise you need to you join hesitation. The key function is actually to provide squeezing and assistance of the place, assisting to lessen inflammation as well as discomfort during an activity.

The tie likewise acts as a self confidence improvement for people, recognizing that they may continue to be active for longer recognizing they have the brought in security of the knee support. How performs a knee support job There are a multitude of leg assists offered in the marketplace and also each job slightly in a different way, though all have the exact same objective in assisting to handle knee traumas. 
Irritation of an injured can be really distressing and be actually the source of minimizing flexibility, something the help is actually created to manage. The majority of sports injuries are because of overuse, whether pressing your own self too far or exhaustion causing personal injury from a lack of concentration. A sprain of the knee’s place takes place where the ligaments are actually ruined, along with the extent of the damage establishing the severeness of the personal injury. 


How Drugs Move Through Our Body


How a drug moves through the bloodstream to the various tissues of the body can depend on several different factors- blood flow, volume of distribution, drug redistribution, and specific barriers. While studying how to become a pharmacologist, this is one subject of interest.

Blood flow is important to drug distribution because many drugs can leave the circulation easily through diffusion between or across capillary or endothelial cells. If the blood flow to the various organs, like the brain, liver, and kidney are slow, the distribution of drugs to those organs will also be slow. The distribution of drugs to the brain, liver and kidney is greater than to the muscles and skin, which is also greater than to fat and bone.

The volume of distribution is the total volume of body fluid that a drug is able to disperse in. This amount is determined by administering a specific amount (expressed in units of mass) of drug intravenously. The initial blood plasma concentration is measured. The result should express the units of drug administered (m/g) / the initial plasma concentration (mg/L).

It is important to note that the volume of distribution of most drugs does not represent the actual distribution in body fluids. This number is primarily used for conceptual purposes. Drugs that do not distribute much have smaller values. A very low value may indicate a lot of plasma protein binding of the drug. A very high value, usually means that the drug distributes extensively and may be bound extensively to tissue sites. The volume of distribution of a particular drug can be influenced by several variables such as, age, sex, weight and disease processes.

The Source of Drugs


The prescription drug world that we think of today is extremely advanced compared to centuries ago. However, all of the advances in technology have not changed the fact that most of the medicines we have come from the same basic places- plant, animals and minerals. The foundation for medicinal drugs have not changed, but was has changed is effectiveness and side effects associated with the advanced forms of commonly used drugs today. When Studying how to become a pharmacology technician you will learn all about this; here is an abbreviated explanation.

Plants are a major source of many drugs we use today. They have been used for centuries as natural remedies for injuries, illnesses and diseases. Pharmaceutical companies are actually searching the world over looking for plants they can harvest to transform into drugs with the ability to treat diseases. Many companies send scouts out to indigenous cultures to identify the healing plants that are used in those small societies. Many of the drugs we use today come from these same small indigenous cultures. A good example of a very popular drug from a plant is digitalis. Digitalis is the name of the drug that is obtained from the leaves of the foxglove plant. This very powerful drug is used to treat congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias.

Animal byproducts are also commonly used as drugs to treat many hormonal conditions. Often animal glands are used for hormonal therapy. Urine is also often used. For example, the drug Premarin is derived from mare urine, and is used primarily for its high estrogen content. Even human byproducts are used for drug therapy. Insulin is an example of a human byproduct that is currently being recovered using DNA technology.

Minerals are inorganic crystal substances that are found naturally in the environment. They are vital to good health and help to maintain homeostasis in the body. An imbalance of minerals can cause many health problems like weak bones, poor digestion, heart disfunction, liver and kidney disfunction, and a sluggish lymphatic system. Many drugs are use minerals to help treat people who suffer from health issues due to mineral deficiencies.

The Tools of a Phlebotomist

Phlebotomy is the practice of bloodletting or bleeding that was often performed over large areas of the body with many different types of devices. Some of these devices are still used today and others have lost favor through the years.


Lancets were first used around 400 BC. They were often made of stone or wood and were commonly reused on multiple patients. Because there was no understanding of infection, the reuses of lancets caused the spread of much infection from patient to patient.

Spring Loaded Lancets

Spring loaded lancets were popular in the 18th century and are still used today. This popular design used a spring-driven blade to puncture the vein. This type of lancet is the most common type used today.


A fleam was a device very similar to a lancet. Sticks were used to hit the back of a blade and cause it to puncture a vein. Veterinarians were known to use this method.


A scarificator was also popular in during the 18th century. This device was able to cause many shallow cuts on a section of skin.

Flint Glass Cups

Dry cupping was a process that was used to bring blood to the surface of the skin. This was done by heating a flint glass cup and placing it on the patient’s skin. An incision would be made a few minutes after. The cup was often heated and placed on a localized area of the skin after the incision was made. This would create a vacuum effect on the incision and cause the blood to flow up into the cup.


Leeches have been used for medicinal bloodletting long before written documentation and for at least several thousand years. The medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinalis, was used extensively during the 19th century and is still being used today. Leeches are often used for their ability to prevent blood clots from forming. This can be beneficial when trying to prevent a wound from healing too quickly.

How To Become A Dental Assistant

Do you ever see those commercials on television about what the best careers are to pursuing? Well, one of the great careers mentioned is usually a dental assistant. But what steps should you take to become a dental assistant? What is required to become a dental assistant? Here is an easy overview of the steps needed to become a dental assistant.

The first step could potentially begin while still in high school (if anyone reading this is still in high school). You can begin to prepare to become a dental assistant by taking more advanced math classes and science courses while still in school. Chemistry and biology classes will help as well.

Most of us have already completed high school. In this case, you may have to brush up with some extra courses at a local community college to catch up on the requirements.

The second step, we recommend, would be to observe a dental assistant on the job. Ask your dentist if you can come to the office and observe his assistant at work one day. This exposure will give you a realistic overview of what the job of becoming a dental assistant entails.

Third, you want to go on the Internet and find more information about becoming a dental assistant. One good place to start looking is to check for a dental assistant school where you can get certified. This is a step that can be done before you graduate from high school, or anytime after as well.

Finally, take any remaining “required” courses that you may need prior to certification, and pass both portions of the examination that your state requires. Be aware that you may also have to take a test about professional legal aspects of becoming a dental assistant, depending on the state that you live in.

Becoming a dental hygienist almost definitely ensures that you will always have a job. It takes a little work, but it pays off to have a rewarding career that helps others.

Massage Therapist: Knots and What to Do With Them

As a massage therapist, you get used to gliding over people’s bodies with your hands, and you might quickly realize that no two bodies are the same. You also may realize that the same body can feel and respond differently at different times and on different days.

Sheeesh! Don’t stress, eventually you will know how to distinguish between a knot, which is a tense lump of muscle tissue, from a normal area of muscle tone. When you discover the difference, it will be easy to apply the correct techniques to help your clients relax those tight places. I had an incredible massage, Kauai where a fellow therapist seemed to know exactly where all of my knots were and apply the correct amount of pressure to release the tension. It is a gift.

As a massage therapist, you could easily spend an entire hour just dealing with your partner’s knots, so you have to decide intuitively when enough is enough. then move on to the next area. This decision can be a tough call because your partner’s knots and sore spots are the areas which will need the most attention.

As a general rule, during a full body massage, spend no more than five minutes on any particular tight spot. If you want to focus on it later, schedule another appointment to work on that spot in particular.

It is also good to remember: When working on tight spots, don’t just dig in like your excavating for gold in a rocky mine… instead use soothing and gentle, but insistent pressure precisely locating any tight spots, and touching it as if your fingers are coaxing the knot to soften, relax, and release….there yippee go.

Biohazard Exposure Prevention

Percutaneous means through the skin is another way that biohazardous microorganisms can enter the blood or body fluids. The most common way that percutaneous exposure is accomplished is through intact skin as a result of accidental needlesticks and injuries from biohazard sharps including broken glass and specimen tubes. 

The best way to prevent percutaneous biohazard exposure is to use a biohazard sharps device for needle safety, as well as wearing heavy duty utility gloves when cleaning up broken glass. Never handle broken glass without protective gloves. Even the smallest break in the skin can cause exposure. There is additional information about this subject on Friday’s blog at how to become a paramedic blog, but it is about preventing becoming exposed to HIV while working as a paramedic.

Permucosal exposure occurs via the mucous membranes when infectious microorganisms or other biohazards enter the body. The mucous membranes of the mouth and nose and the conjunctiva of the eyes are the most common entry sites for permucosal exposure. 
 This commonly occurs when droplets generated by sneezing, coughing, splashes, or aerosols come into contact with the eyes, notes or mouth. Most often contaminated hands are the number one cause of exposure to these areas. 

The chance of premucosal exposure can be greatly reduced by following procedures that prevent exposure to splashes and aerosols. Wearing the proper personal protective equipment, when working with biohazards, is essential to preventing exposure. It is also best to avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth. Many colds and viral infections are transmitted through permucosal exposure. Following simple protocols can help prevent biohazard exposure as well as exposure to unwanted colds and viruses that can keep you home sick and unable to work.

Child Birth and Episiotomy

An episiotomy is a surgical incision of the perineum that is usually made to help facilitate the birth. This procedure is commonly performed in industrial countries, even though current research does not support them being routinely performed. An episiotomy is usually done to give more room for manual maneuvers to free the impacted shoulders of the infant or to provide more room for the use of forceps.

There are two types of episiotomy incisions. A mid line episiotomy is a straight line incision that moves toward the rectum. A mediolateral episiotomy is an incision that is angled down and usually off to the right side. Some women who do not receive episiotomies tear naturally. It has been found that natural tearing is less damaging to tissue and muscle and is less painful. Natural tears also heal well without suturing.

Types of Blood Specimens

There are three types of blood specimens- serum, plasma and whole blood. Each different specimen is collected for various reasons. Certain blood tests require the uses of specific parts of blood. In phlebotomy school, you will learn much more about this subject.

When blood is removed from the body, typically, it will coagulate or clot within 30 to 60 minutes. Serum can be separated from blood by centrifugation. Centrifugation is a process that spins the blood at high speeds in a machine called a centrifuge. 

This spinning separates the serum from the blood cells enmeshed in a blood clot. Blood serum looks pale-yellow and has a similar composition of plasma. However, serum does not contain fibrinogen. Laboratory tests, like chemistry and immunology test are commonly performed on serum.

Coagulation tests cannot be performed on serum because the coagulation factors are separated out of the serum during the centrifuge process. Also chemistry tests such as ammonia and potassium cannot be performed on serum because the clotting that occurs in serum releases these substances from the blood cells. In emergency situations, when there is little time to spare, having to wait for blood to clot may not be an acceptable. 

 Preventing coagulation is the best alternative in these instances because the coagulation factors and other substances affected by clotting are preserved and the specimen will be able to be centrifuged immediately. To prevent blood from clotting a substance called an anticoagulant must be added. This substance creates a whole blood specimen that can them be centrifuged and separated into three distinct layers: a bottom layer of red blood cells, a middle layer of white blood cells and platelets and a top layer of clear liquid called plasma. Plasma looks a lot like serum and the only difference between the two specimens is that plasma contains fibrinogen.

Whole blood specimens are usually required for hematology tests. These types of tests require the blood to remain in the same form as it is in the bloodstream. It is important that the blood specimen does not clot or separate. An anticoagulant must be added and the specimen should be mixed for at least 2 minutes immediately before performing the test.

Eye Cranial Nerves

Our eyes are dependent on three cranial nerves that supply the muscles necessary for movement. These three nerves are the oculomotor nerve, the trochlear nerve and the abducent nerve.

The oculomotor nerve carries motor fibers that originate from the midbrain to the eye muscles. Some of these fibers also carry sensory information back to the brain about the position of the eye muscles. This nerve also contains fibers from the autonomic nervous system responsible for restricting the pupil and altering the lens shape of the eye.

The trochlear nerve is a small nerve that supplies only one muscle responsible for eye movement. This nerve carries motor information to the muscle and sensory information from the muscle to the brain. These fibers like the oculomotor nerve fibers originate in the midbrain.

The abducent nerve supplies motor and sensory fibers to the lateral rectus muscle. Unlike the other cranial nerve fibers associated with eye movement, the abducent nerve originates in the Pons, a part of the brainstem.

Damage to any one of the nerves that supply the muscles of the eye will affect that eye’s ability to move. Then depending on the damage the affect could hinder the eye’s ability to perform it normal range of movements.

If there is damage to the oculomotor nerve, all but two of the eye muscles will be paralyzed on that side. Obvious signs of this damage are dropping of the eyelid and dilation of the pupil.

Troclear nerve damage is rarely damaged independently of other nerves. Should this happen, the affected person will have double vision when looking down.

The Abducent nerve damage can lead to paralysis of the lateral rectus muscle. Signs of this type of damage include double vision and the affected eye will appear to look inwards.

Health Facts

Did you know…

Two-thirds of all Americans are either overweight or obese. Some studies predict that 86 percent of all Americans will either be overweight or obese within the next ten years. Obesity is a preventable problem.

Some studies have shown that six of the seven leading causes of death and over 70 percent of debilitating diseases are caused by lifestyle choices. Lifestyle changes that are made can reverse this.
Did you know

It has been estimated that the obesity rate in the United States will increase from 93 million to 120 million people in the next five years.

In 2003, U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Richard Carmona, stated that the #1 health problem in America is obesity. Statistics have gotten worse since 2003.

It has been estimated that the United States could save 147 billion dollars out of the health budget if people would just take care of themselves.

Regular Health Tips

Include 5 to 8 servings of fruits and/or vegetables
Each day.

Drink a minimum of 8 to 10 eight-ounce glasses of water
Each day.

Understand the importance of portion control–1/2 cup of carbohydrates and 4-ounces of lean (meat) protein.
Include both aerobic and weight-resistance workouts in your exercise program. Consult your physician if any, concerns about any limitations in your exercise program.

By adding garlic to your diet, you can help to lower blood sugar levels and decrease cholesterol.

Exercising helps to reduce your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases your good cholesterol (HDL). It also helps to lower your blood pressure, which will decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke.

By eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C and carotenoids, you can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers.


Organic Gardening Tips With Video

Just to set the scene, it was the last day of June. The corner of my calendar kept catching in the constant hum of the air conditioning, itching to pull the sheets over June’s worn page.

It was a big day.
The fern in the corner was especially brilliant. Its new leaves were reaching with every ounce of chlorophyll in them to push the limits of their cellulose barriers and try to find the sun that must be hiding in some forgotten corner of this office space.

Huge, really.
What was left of the day bubbled up through my computer screen. Alerts, emails, messages. But when remains at the end of the day when the screen has gone black?

What is Gluten?

The hot questions right now, after Jimmy Kimmel revealed our ignorance, is what actually is gluten? Many people decide to take it out of their diets without really understanding what it is and why it may be potentially harmful. This video explains what gluten is, what it does in your body, and how it can potentially be harmful. Enjoy!

Grains that contain gluten:

Barley. Bran. Durum. Farina. Farro. Graham. Kamut. Oats*. Rye. Semolina. Seitan. Spelt. Wheat Germ. Wheat Bran

Don't Chew Your Food Like A Dog

The fresh rain brushed from the grass onto the tips of my exposed toes in my sandals. I tried to pick my feet up a little faster, I had two minutes to get there.

Have you ever been lost in central park? You have, even if you’ve never been to New York. Picture a path, heavily wooded, with U-turns and sharp turns like a child had drawn the path with a crayon. Somewhere beyond the brush is somewhere you need to be. But you’re not able to see further than the next bend in the road.

I turned a corner and finally heard the muted sound of many voices speaking at once to the faint memory of a song. I was at the boathouse restaurant on the lake. In a panic, I rushed back into the safety of the trees, back behind that last bend in the road. I had to change into the shoes that matched my dress.

Recipe: How To Make Your First Elixir

Throughout the day, we search for stimulants as an attempt to cover up the negative emotions that wash over us. We need more energy. We want to not feel tired. We want to not feel. To not let ourselves feel sitting in these emotions and allow them to exist,
As part of the human experience. We want to not feel the loneliness, like the world around us has dried up and were standing alone in the middle of a vast empty canyon. We want to not feel the confusion of drowning in time, people, responsibilities to yourself and others that wash over us without anything solid to grab onto.

Our stimulants of choice don’t get rid of these emotions, they cover them up. They lurk at the back of our minds while our more conscious selves are distracted by a quick flood of energy, productivity or passivity, even if just for a brief spurt.

Recipe: Pumpkin Pie From Scratch

As hard as we try to cling to the dimming rays of the sun, fall has already collected at our feet.
In a whirlwind weekend, I found myself at a friend’s organic farm, walking between tomato vines and sunflowers to find the perfect sugar pumpkin. And there he is, pictured above, all ready to be made into a pumpkin pie. 
What is the real joy of cooking something from scratch when you could buy it and save three hours?
If you’ve ever grappled in the dark with eating, if something inside you has ever yelled at you to eat and then not to eat in the same breath, if you’ve ever spent a day thinking exclusively about what you’re going to eat, when, and afterwards why, perhaps the slow unwinding of old habits will make sense to you.

Recipe: Organic Garden

It’s all happened so quickly. I had hardly said farewell to winter when I turned around and found the most beautiful yellow flowers poking out of my garden.
This a particularly exciting spring because I finally have the chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for about as long as I’ve been alive, have a garden. We’re going to do it right though, and being the neurotic people that we are that means a lot more work.
We’ll be pH testing the soil, only dealing with organic ingredients, and perhaps starting a nice big and smelly compost in the backyard. Did you know there are different types of soil? And that your soil needs a perfect chemical balance and pH within. 5 from the ideal? I’m excited to take you all along for this wild ride

Recipe: Vegan Ice Cream

The sound of the Hudson River breaking lightly on the shore mingled with the clanking of the N passing over the Manhattan Bridge.

We sat on a log, each other’s face lit by the moon, the lights of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, and the reflection on the water of the buildings on the other side of the river.
Raw vegan ice cream
photo credit:

We were tangled in that question that so many of us grapple with. We know what we want, we can see it, we can almost taste it. But we’re not quite there yet. And when we forget the long and drawn out process that makes these achievements worthwhile, when we get tired of all that hard work which only sometimes seems to pay off, we make room for doubt. What if we can’t do it?

And unfortunately, I didn’t come up with an answer that night. I don’t know that there is a right way to answer this question. All I’ve got for you are coupling pieces of wisdom that I’ve picked up along the way.

You have to know that this is part of it. Those moments when you feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place. The sense of imminent failure when something doesn’t turn out how you planned. And you have to remember that this is where most people stop. They turn back, echoing “it’s too hard” in their wake. But what you really want requires you to get past it, it makes you all the stronger for going forward where others didn’t.

Recipe: Carrot Cake

Going upstate is one of my favorite things to do. It doesn’t make a difference to me how much snow is on the ground or how many mosquitoes want to suck my blood (for some reason they love me), I’m drawn to the trees and the dirt and the air with that inexplicable force that tells us what we want but never tells us why.

The day before Easter, we whizzed passed Columbia University, up the Hudson River, past Yonkers, until the houses became less and less squished together, and the air was able to roam around a bit more freely.

And this is where I bought the lovely organic carrots for my carrot cake (as well as the sage, rosemary and parsley above for our herb garden ;

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for a while now, its a big feat, making a raw CAKE, or at least something resembling a cake. For my raw folks out there, we know with things like this that consistency is everything.
Raw Vegan Carrot Cake

So in appreciation of all the bunnies out there, here’s how I did it:


Weird Diet Plan

Eating is actually a very intricate science.

Every piece of food that you put into your body is going to undergo a chemical reaction and be transformed into something that your organism can use, discard, or, your body won’t know what to do with it and it will disrupt your system, either being stored as fat, rotting in your stomach or a myraid of other things.

Along with the popularized calorie counting argument – long disproved because a calorie of broccoli, is in no way the same as a calorie of peanut butter/bread/cheese, etc. there’s also the question of what the other components or our food are doing to our body.

Eating is actually a very intricate science.

I personally have a problem with sweet foods. I feel them, creating a fog around my brain so I can simultaneously not think straight but am also thinking about nonsensical things at about 100 miles a minute. While I stay away from desserts, I also thought that a lesser form of this feeling was an acceptable part of life for the hour after eating. However, after I removed grains from my diet I realized this didn’t have to be the case.

5 Awesome Reasons | Why Eat Seasonally

Jade-coat-cropped New York is going through a period all too familiar to anyone who listened to the radio five years ago… is hot, and then it’s cold, its yes, and then its no. In this precarious relationship, I have waves of internal turmoil every morning as I try to determine what jacket to wear. Winter jacket? Fall jacket? Is there such thing as an almost-spring-but-sometimes-too-cold-for-a-Californian jacket?
As we’re slowly transitioning seasons, we should be aware that our diet is transitioning too. Our bodies need different things in the colder months than they do in the warmer months. Right now as we transition into a new season we should be using the food around us to be cleansing ourselves of the “winter weight,” the stagnancy that we’ve stored in the winter months. In the spring its best to eat bitter roots like turmeric to clean out the mucus, leafy greens like spinach to fertilize the good bacteria in the stomach, and berries to destagnate the lymph outside of the gut wall.

What is Ayurvedic? Get Ayurvedic Information

In Ayurveda medicine, which is the ancient Indian theory of health, there are three “types of people.” Everyone has elements of all three types, but you are dominant in one type. Once you recognize what you’re type is (you’ll know, or if you don’t know immediately you can take John Douillard’s quiz here) it will help you understand what balancing foods you need to eat when you are in ‘your’ season, the season that is most in alignment with your nature,

What is Ayurvedic Get Ayurvedic Information

Which is the season when you are more able to throw yourself severely off balance by overwhelming your system with one type of thing. Coldness, for example. I’m a vata dominant type, and I’m a vegan (most raw veggies are cooling foods) so the winter is the month when I am thrown the most off kilter. Since vata is a winter type, in the winter I need to take extra care to balance myself out so I don’t get sick.

Here’s a brief overview about the three body types (known as “doshas”)


Element: air
Season: fall/winter
Body type: thin, low body fat, small frame.
Characteristics: performs activities quickly, doesn’t like to be idle, very creative, artisitic, spends money quickly, flighty-ness, memory problems
Physiological characteristics: poor digestion, tendency to constipation, aversion to cold, low strength, light sleeper
With imbalance, decrease: pungent, bitter, astringent, cold and dry foods
With imbalance, increase: sweet, sour, heavy foods, good quality oils, creamy soups, mashed sweet potatoes, root vegetables


Element: fire
Season: spring/summer
Body type: medium frame, develops muscles easily, medium weight
Characteristics: determined, accomplishes things, very passionate, focused, workaholic, sharp intellect, aggressive, moderate sex drive
Physiological characteristics: sharp hunger, good digestion, sound sleep, aversion to dry hot weather
With imbalance, decrease: excessive spices, pungent, salty, red meat
With imbalance, increase: sweet, bitter, oily, sweet spices (cardamom), protein, dark leafy greens, sweet vegetables


Element: water and earth
Season: winter/spring
Body type: large frame, easily gains weight, strong, holds fat and water
Characteristics: grounded, stable, consistent, resistant to change, long term memory, non changing moods, slow to get irritated, easy going
Physiological characteristics: steady appetite, elimination is slow, thick and regular, doesn’t like damp cold weather, strong sex drive
With imbalance, decrease: high fat foods, heavy and oily foods, dairy, red meat, starchy vegetables
With imbalance, increase: spices, vegetables, lighter grains, lighter protein, quinoa, dandelion salads, cayenne, ginger

I’m definitely not an advocate for putting yourself in a box, however it’s a concept that’s helped me overcome my hatred of colder seasons because I’ve been careful to balance my diet when winter strikes. Find out what your type is and see if it rings true for you!

Symptoms of Sun Poisoning

Whenever your body is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, sun poisoning allergy attacks your skin. As a result of this attack, our body starts acting in different ways. There can be serious damage, when you spend more than fifteen minutes under the sun beyond your skin’s limitation.

This is the time when your skin starts burning as if you are extremely sunburned. There are different treatments you can choose from whenever the symptoms of sun poisoning start developing like staying out of the harmful sun rays as much as possible and drinking more water. Sun poisoning is not something you can neglect easily as it can be a serious threat to your health and should be immediately taken care of.
Sun Poisoning body skin

Symptoms of Sun Poisoning
Symptoms are different when we talk about different kinds of sun poisoning. So determining the type, of sun poisoning you have, is the first task. Following are a few types of sun poisoning with their corresponding symptoms.

Solar Urticarial: 

This is the type of sun poisoning which mainly results in the development of itchiness and redness in the skin of the patient.

Polymorphous light eruption: 

This is the type of the sun poisoning which causes the patient to develop irritating rashes in affected areas, leading to development of hive-like bums. In most of the cases chest, arms and lower legs of the patient are the target of these dense clumps.

Inherited polymorphous light eruption: 

This is the type of the sun poisoning in which patient develops fatigue, headache and chills.
There are some common symptoms in all three kinds of sun poisoning. Following are those common symptoms.

Redness of the skin, Swelling of the skin, Swelling which ultimately causes to develop bums
There are some serious symptoms which could be life threatening. Following are a few symptoms which must be immediately taken care of. Fainting Diarrhea, Thirst Headache, 
Chills Swelling in the face

In severe cases, the infection may spread to other unaffected parts of the skin. Moreover it may also cause the skin of the patient to develop crusts and cracks.

Contact with doctor

As stated earlier different skin patients develop different symptoms. But the important thing is whichever type of sun poisoning you have it should be immediately taken care of.

Painful blisters covering a large area: 

In severe cases of skin poisoning, you see blisters all over the skin which are very painful. You must not let them spread to unaffected area of your skin, so contact your doctor immediately.

Swelling in the face: 

If someone is experiencing this, his skin is already burning. It is also taken as a sign that the sun poisoning has started penetrating beyond the skin.

Fever and chills: 

Developing fever and chills is very common among those patients who have swelling. The real reason behind this is the sun poisoning which causes the temperature of your body to rise.

Abnormal Stomach: 

Never take this sign lightly. If your stomach gets affected by the sun poisoning, you may further cause some serious damages to your digestion system.

Headache, confusion or fatness: 

Having a severe kind of headache is one of the threatening signs in the cases of sun poisoning. You should know that your brain is capable of maintaining a certain level of ultra violet rays which it receives from the sun.

Signs of Dehydration: 

In some cases severe dehydration causes losing consciousness.

Sun Poisoning Vs Sun Burn

The type of rash a patient develops is one of the main differences which can be noticed very easily between sun poisoning and sun burn. It is sun poisoning, if the rash looks and feels like poison ivy. Photodermatitis is a term used to describe this condition in the medical field. There are a lot of similarities between sun poisoning and sun burn. The severe reactions of the body create the dividing line between the two.

Dealing with Sun Poisoning

There is nothing to worry about mild sun poisoning as you can treat them on your own. You are suggested to seek a medical opinion, in case the sun poisoning symptoms are still there even after a week from the time they first showed up.

Anti-inflammatory creams can be applied on affected areas. Doctors often prescribe Azathioprine in those cases in which symptoms are already severe. The function of Azathioprine is it to boost the responses of your immune system to the sun poisoning.

Home Remedies

Mustard Oil: 

For sun poisoning symptoms, mustard oil is considered as a suitable remedy. It is used as a massaging mixture to the affected areas, after having it mixed with water.


Having a chamomile flowers boiled in a cup of water, is also an effective remedy against sun poisoning. You just have to apply the mixture to the affected parts and you will get positive results with the passage of time.

Green tea: 

Applying green tea mixture on the affected areas of your skin is also an effective remedy. You can apply the mixture two times a day. It is good for the rashes and blisters caused by the harmful rays of the sun. You can maximize your chances of improvement by being consistent in applying this remedy.

Lavender Oil: 

When the patient baths in warm water with lavender oil, it helps him a lot in feeling better. It is recommended in the cases when the sun poisoning has spread out in the skin. This remedy is found to be very effective even in the most serious symptoms of sun poisoning. For best results, you can use it two times a day.

Calamine Lotion: 

Irritating rashes and blisters caused by the harmful rays of the sun can be taken care of very well by applying this lotion to affected areas of your skin. You can also mix the lotion with water while taking bath.


It is applied by using a cotton ball coated with the cream itself. You will surely feel some relief after applying it to the affected parts. When you add turmeric powder to a glass of buttermilk it is another step towards the treatment of sun poisoning.

Grated Vegetables:

There is a natural healing capability in the vegetables, especially in grated vegetables. Onions and cucumbers have been found very effective remedies against sun poisoning. The results are even better when the remedy is applied frequently.

Herbal Paste: 

If you are looking for something to reduce irritating itchiness and burning sensation caused by sun poisoning, try applying herbal paste to the affected parts. You can make it even better by mixing honey, turmeric powder, magrosa and basil leaves.

Aloe Vera Extract: 

The use of Aloe Vera or any liquid extracted from Aloe Vera leaves is a good option for those seeking inexpensive treatments for sun poisoning. It provides relief to the affected areas of the skin and soothes your skin. Applying cold compress also provides relief for the swellings.

Egg White Paste: 

You can make this paste by mixing egg white with a little bit of hazel and honey. Once you have applied the mixture to the affected areas, leave it for at least five to ten minutes. After that, you can wash it gently with warm water.

Preventing Sun Poisoning
You can protect your skin against the sun poisoning and it can be done in a lot of ways. You can apply sun protection, wear protective clothing and apply cold compress, in case there is any feeling of burning.

Limit exposure to the sun: 

Don’t expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. The sun is at its peak between 10 am and 4 am, according to the experts. So try to stay indoors between these hours.

Adaption to the Rays of Sun: 

You can also adapt your skin to the sunlight. You can do so by gradually spending time outdoors. It not only causes the dangers of the sun poisoning to reduce but also enables your skin cells adapt to the rays of sun particularly during summer and spring.

Wear Protective Stuff: 

You need to avoid the direct exposure to sun. You can do this by wearing sun glasses and protective clothes.

Using Sun Protection Creams: 

There are some useful tools against sun poisoning such as sun block. They are very helpful in protecting you from ultra violet rays of sun.


Vaginal Dryness | Increased Vitality & Energy

Aqua Chi

Electrical Feedback Energy Natural Enhancement Energetic Healing Balanced, Detox Metals Metal Ecologic Feel Good Pain Management, Detoxification Rapid Healing Arthritic Aches Pains Burns Incontinence Muscular Injuries Menstrual Menopausal Problems, Headaches Toothaches Increased Vitality Energy Faster Recovery Time Concentration Increased Perception Liver Function, Improved Kidney Function Gout Conditions Deeper Sleep Reduced Fluid Retention Reduced Swelling Cramping Vaginal Dryness Some Skin Conditions Helps Open Detoxification Pathways


Bio-Electric Cleansing System is a treatment used to enhance and amplify the bodies own ability to heal itself. The treatment takes 25-35 minutes, and is done in water. The treatment is based on the fact that all living things produce a form of organic electricity or “Bio-Charge”. The Aqua-Chi produces a bio-charge compatible with the person enabling the healing to take place rapidly. Regardless of claims no other product on the market can copy and create a bio-charge based on feedback from the individual.

What are the benefits? The benefits from using the unit are almost unlimited… Some of these include:

  1. Pain Management
  2. Improved Concentration
  3. Detoxification
  4. Improved Liver Function
  5. Rapid Healing
  6. Improved Kidney Function
  7. Burns
  8. Gout Conditions
  9. Headaches
  10. Deeper Improved Sleep
  11. Incontinence
  12. Reduced Fluid Retention
  13. Muscular Injuries
  14. Reduced Swelling
  15. Cramping
  16. Menstrual Problems
  17. Vaginal Dryness
  18. Opens detoxification Pathways
  19. Toothaches
  20. Arthritic Aches & Pains
  21. Faster Recovery Time
  22. Increased Vitality & Energy
  23. Cramping
  24. Increased Perception

Pain Relief: The unit is used for relief of all forms of pain. Used on a regular basis the pain and swelling of arthritis dramatically decreases as well as greatly restoring mobility to the individual.

Detoxification: Research has shown that with regular use foreign substances are freed from the bodies cells to be eliminated by the bodies natural processes. It is a primary function of the unit to detoxify the body.

Blood Pressure: Helps with high or low blood pressure by aiding or assisting in the maintenance of peripheral circulation. Protects and maintains the health of capillaries.


Aqua ChiThe following live blood cell analysis pictures on the left are photos of the blood before a thirty five minute aqua chi machine foot soak. Amazingly, enough the Aqua Chiphoto on the right is the same blood 35 minutes later. We were amazed at this live blood cell analysis work. Before the Aqua-Chi foot soak the blood was sticky, dark and clumped together and you could hardly see the plasma, but after, a significant improvement could be seen by everyone. The red blood cells were rounder, energetic and more full of life. The technician said, "I don't think you could ask for a better test result". She was very impressed as were we all.

Who can use it? The unit is designed so that all ages can use it. It doesn't matter whether you are 2 or 102 the unit is completely safe and has no side effects.

Who should not use it? It is not recommended for use by people who have battery operated implants such as pacemakers, if they are pregnant, if they have any implant organs, or if they are on a course of prescriptions drugs they should wait until the course is finished. Organic medicines such as herbs are not considered as chemical drugs.

One of the unit's most visual effects during its use is the release of toxins and foreign material trapped in the dermal layers (skin) of the user. This becomes very noticeable by the level of discoloration of the water that appears during bath.

Even if you use a healthy diet or have chosen one of the many therapies available on the markets today, this system will still prove to be benefit.

Many people in modern society are overworked and let their bodies get rundown. When you get this way, it is because your system is low on energy. Well, imagine replacing that energy by re-charging yourself in the same fashion as you do to your car battery when it goes flat. So, if it is possible to recharge your car battery then why not yourself? Obviously this unit does not work in the same fashion as a car battery charger, but in fact works as an organic battery charger. This unit is a safe and effective way getting that much-needed energy boost that all of us require.

The Aqua Chi unit utilizes the latest in magnetic technology, which in recent years has been used by practitioners with only some success. However, what makes the aqua chi unit different from all other products in the magnetic range is the development of what is called the "Bio-Charge". 

The Bio-charge is the organic electricity your body produces in order to operate on a daily basis. With this in mind, low charges means you are low energy and thus your whole body becomes sluggish and lethargic in all its functions. Physical symptoms can develop from being tired and stressed and can manifest themselves in the form of aches, pains, or illness. By giving the body a bio-charge boost, some of these symptoms can be alleviated and your system restored to its full function.

The bio-charge system is currently the only method for creating a bio-charge that is both safe and compatible with living matter. This system uses water because up to 80% of our bodies are water, and water contains the necessary electrical patterns to adapt a conventional charge to a bio-charge.

How it works:

The aqua chi, once placed into water, is capable of generating a magnetic bio-field similar to that of a living thing. The advantage of creating a field with some of the properties compatible with life is that it can be used on a living organism with minimum disruptions and completely negate side effects that are all too common with thing artificial. Creating a field with these properties can not be done simply. You require something that already has some of the unique frequencies present in it. 

The only naturally occurring substance with this property is water. This is why the unit is used in water. The water actually interacts in a special way with an electric current to produce the bio-charge. While the water is a very important process, magnetic fields are needed to make it work properly. Passing electrical current between specially designed plates in water creates the magnetic fields. The bio-charge, which results, is the product of the water electricity, metal and magnetism.

One of the challenges of creating a unit that is suitable for everyone is that everyone is different. Everybody has there own unique personal bio-signature which means his, or her frequency is a little different from the next person. The aqua chi unit instantly adjusts to your frequency. It is possible because water contains the natural base frequencies that are present in your body. Not all the frequencies needed are there, but they are quite close. 

Water is an active substance, so when water comes in contact with something, the frequency of what it contacts is integrated into is own frequency structure. Because you are mostly made of water your ability to interact with it is very high. When you immerse yourself into water your frequency is instantly added to the water you are in contact with. What it all means is that if you are immersed in water with an aqua chi unit, the bio-charge produced will contain your own personal frequencies.

This is because the Bio-charge, when induced, copies the frequencies already in the water (this means you), so only 1 person can use the unit at a time. You also need to change the water each time the unit is used, especially if someone else is going to use the bath, as your pattern stays in the water for some time. Charging your body with energy containing someone else's signature should not be done.

Note: The frequency of the person does not stay in the unit.

The aqua chi unit in effect, re-balances the body's energy meridians. The complex magnetic fields of the aqua chi unit permeate and realign your own body's energy field. Many of the benefits of the unit can be attributed tot he "re-balancing" of these energy lines allowing the body to function better

Quantum Machine

The quantum machine is based on bio-resonance therapy, which proves that healing can occur by working on the electromagnetic oscillations of the patients. This area was pioneered by two German physicians, Dr. Voll, and Dr. Morrell and two German physicists, 

Dr. Popps and Dr. Mersmann who determined that the healing process would be infinitely more effective if they could use the patient's own oscillations for healing, rather than trying to heal through medications. The doctors then built a new instrument with which they could take the patient's own oscillations, correct them, and subsequently give them back to the patient. 

The results were amazing. They were able to positively influence diseases and allergic reactions that were formerly untreatable. With this advancement, they founded the most accurate diagnosis and therapy system that the world had ever known. It was based on correction of the human energy field through new information. Some scientists referred to it as regulative medicine, which is how the field is referred to in Europe.

The Body Code

The Body Code is a complete health and wellness tool that uses natural energy balancing. This system was designed to help identify and eliminate the underlying cause of illness, by examining the energy imbalances from large to microscopic structures which include, Pathogens, Structural imbalances, Nutritional Imbalances, Circuitry Imbalances, Toxicity, Energies, Organ/Gland connections and trapped emotions.

Energy healing promotes the harmony and balance within which relieves the stress and will support the body's natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized as a valuable compliment to conventional medical care. The Body Code System is a simple, yet powerful healing method which is really at the forefront of Energy Psychology and Bioenergetic Medicine. The Body Code examines the underlying energy imbalances that cause illness and emotion issues. which when these imbalances are removed the body has an innate power to heal itself.


Healthy Protein Shakes

Healthy Protein Shakes are quite popular among all the people who have this strong desire of losing weight, performing as an athlete or simply trying to eat healthy for the sake of staying healthy. Protein shakes are not only super healthy but at the same time they are quick and convenient and they are always better in comparison to other food choices. These shakes are made out of protein powder which possesses a very good blend of super foods, fibers and proteins that are simply mood elevating.

Healthy Protein Shakes The Best Advantages of Having Healthy Protein Shakes
Consuming one healthy protein shake on a regular basis will automatically have you feeling and looking healthy. protein shakes can also be taken to a completely different level by using them in smoothies, baking them and even mixing them with different foods. The benefits of having healthy protein shakes include:

• Experiencing a very quick recovery post a strenuous workout session.
• Building strong and lean muscles with completely low calories.
• Maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol.
• Getting mood-elevating and feel-good energy
• Boosting healthy digestion.

Discover a New World of Healthy Protein Shakes

If you have just enrolled into a community gym to get into shape, there is a high chance that on your first day itself, your instructor would ask you if you take any healthy protein shakes daily. Jose Antonio one of the founders of International Society of Sports Nutrition explains this point further by stating the fact that regular gym users drink a protein shake after a workout, to nourish their body. Here their body needs more protein than their regular daily intake which could be more than 50g of protein. Thus the protein shakes supplements for the extra protein they need.

Healthy Protein Shakes Which protein shake is right for you?

Most protein shakes come in various flavors which could range from simple Vanilla to delicious Chocolate. Its main ingredients are Whey, Casein, Soy and Egg. Whey is one of the popular ingredients used in most protein shakes. At the very beginning it is necessary for you to understand what your main objective is in taking these shakes and you can consult an expert in this regard. If you are looking to lose weight then you are recommended the following brands below-


The Most Dreadful Disease Urinary Tract Infection

Facts And Brief Description About The Most Dreadful Disease Urinary Tract Infection Which Many Women Suffers These Days

These days urinary tract infection is commonly seen among women then men, in most cases a bacterium is the main cause of the urinary infection. The type of bacteria that is responsible for the cause of urinary tract infection is the E. Usually it found over the rectum and some inside of the vagina, which cause those urinary infection.

The bacteria that presents in such places travels through the uretha as the urinary tract which main reason for the cause for the infection. In many cases, it usually affects the urinary bladder, kidneys and also the ureter. Where the bladder is the place which stores all the urines which are exposed by the human body, and kidney is the one which takes those liquid waste by separating those from the blood which converts them as urine. 

Finally, the ureter is the some kind of tube that plays a responsible role of carrying those urines from the kidney to bladder parts. This dreadful disease urinary tract infection occurs mostly among women then men because of their vulnerable placement of the urethra. Though, there are some cases which tell about the story of male UTI (Urinary tract infection) its seems like not that much effective as female UTI produce.

Urinary Tract Infection And Some Discussion About The Possible Damages

An Overview About Urinary Tract Infection And Some Discussion About The Possible Damages Which May Occurs On Human Body Because Of It

A urinary tract infection is consider as the one among the weird respiratory system that affects the bladder or urethra and even kidneys on the human body. These infections are mostly seen among women when compared with men, and especially among the women who has several sex partners. It is infection occurred because of the attack of bacteria in the urinary system of the human body.

These bacteria’s once gets into our body it mainly affects the bladder or urethra – a tiny tube that connects the inner part of the body to the bladder in order to pass urine, and the kidneys – which plays an immense role in wastage from our human blood.

The Effective Treatment For The Most Dreadful Urinary Tract Infection Disease

Tips About Finding The Effective Treatment For The Most Dreadful Urinary Tract Infection Disease Which Getting Infecting Millions Of People Each Year

These days getting infection becomes a common thing as with improper hygiene system. Especially during the sexual intercourse many women gets affected with urinary tract infection because of the bacteria presence in the vagina and urethra. Since women has this urethra in vulnerable place in her body, the chance of being infected with on high level on these kinds of bacterial infections when compared with the men’s infection level. 

In simple words these urinary tract infection can be called as the bacterial infection, which affects bladder, kidney, and the urinary system. If it untreated with proper medication in right time then it would become more worse and makes a person to suffer a lot. In general, women who has sexual intercourse with many partners are being infected in high ration when compared with others. 

Though, there are several medications are available in this highly developed medical field, being precaution is always the best option instead of searching better treatments for your infections and illness. Normally the treatments for urinary tract infection falls under two methodologies as antibiotics and naturopathic.

While comparing the both treatments along with the advantages and effectiveness, the naturopathic treatments are highly preferred by the doctors for such urinary tract infection cases. The methodology of antibiotic follows the procedure of getting destroying the bacteria in urinating system but by doing so there is the possibilities of getting destroy of numerous good bacteria’s which helps our body immune system to function better. 

So handling this method of using antibiotic would ends as more complicated and chances of getting side affects in high ratio. Meanwhile, when it come to another methodology naturopathic it simply interferes with the harmful bacteria to adhere those from the wall of urinary tract by doing so, those bacteria can get flushed out completely from the urinary system.

Urinary Tract Complete Provides Better Treatment

For Urinary Tract Infection Then All Other Available Medication

In today, advanced medical field getting treatments for urinary tract infection are so ease. Though, urinary tract infection cause series health problems which has the record of affecting millions of human each and every year from all over the world, by taking proper medication at right time would able to cure completely. 

In today’s market one can able to come across many medicine describing as it cures completely of those dreadful urinary tract infection but many of those doesn’t make up to their stand. If you are analyzing internet you can came across many medication describing as the best solution of curing urinary tract infection but while viewing their reviews you may opt to avoid those for treating your urinary tract problems. 

Many do not knows that this urinary tract infection occurs mainly due to the poor hygiene system. These infection affects mainly women rather than men since it women has their urethra in the most vulnerable place, though there are some cases occurs for men it would not be as severe as women suffers. The main symptoms, which the person could face behalf of the urinary tract infections are, reduced urinary flow, urinating with immense pain, reddish colored urination and so.

In today’s advanced technical world getting cure for all dreadful diseases are possible except some rare cases. In online, you can come across several online forums where you can able to get contact with many medical experts who can provide you perfect guidance over the treatment of urinary tract infection. 

Recently it is noticed that urinary tract complete provides better treatment for UTI related issues when compared with all other option available for treating urinary tract infections. These UTI would get worse if not treated with proper medication at right time. To know more about these dreadful diseases and ways to get cured from it visit,

The Urinary Tract Infection Which Is The Most Dreadful Infections

These days many people being suffer from the urinary tract infection which is often considered as the most dreadful disease of all infections. It is mainly targets women then men, since women have their urethra at vulnerable place along with the shorter size then the men has. In fact, 

The urethra is a tube which connects the body to the bladder in order to exit the liquid waste normally called as urine. If women do not have good hygiene then it could be so easy for them to get infected with this dreadful disease. 

In fact, this urinary tract infection is occurred because of the bacterial attack. Moreover, since they have shorter urethra it will be so ease to get those bacteria inside of their urinary system. In most cases during the sexual intercourse the bacteria gets transmitted into the urinary tract system, if it pass to the upper urinary system then it will surely affect the kidney – which plays a vital role of removing those impurities from the blood.

In such cases, the experts must give proper medication after analyzing the situation. At the same time, if the infection transmits to the lower part of the urinary tract system, then it will damage the bladder or urethra – which plays a keen role in disposing the urine from our human body. 

In this case getting treated with antibiotic is preferred but by doing so, patient might need to take the risk of kill the good bacteria’s too. In human body, there are more than 1000 species of bacteria playing important role on keeping our immune system functions well. If it gets killed it would sure more worse then the urinary tract infections problems. Normally if the urinary tract infection do not gets treated within certain level, it surely turns to be a life threatening issue.