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Antacids, Calcium and Disease

Why bother changing your diet and using digestive enzymes to fight indigestion and heart burn when you can just pop a “little purple pill”? There are hundreds of reasons to avoid antacids, and perhaps this one is the most critical---without adequate acids in the stomach, the body cannot digest vitamin B-12, minerals, and in particular, calcium.

Without adequate minerals and calcium, the skeleton will slowly deteriorate, and osteoporosis bone loss is an inevitable result. But perhaps even more important is how adequate calcium is critical to the body’s ability to fight infection and disease. This function is called phagocytosis, and it refers to your body’s ability to mobilize white blood cells to kill pathogens and bacteria and prevent viruses from gaining a foothold in your body.

Simply put, through a series of biochemical interactions, you would be up the creek without a paddle. Your immune system would be constantly stymied. You would be more prone to colds, flu, infections, and viruses (including those that might attack your coronary vessels or heart). You would have trouble recovering from simple problems. You could develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from a host of chronic, immune-debilitating, sub-clinical infections and invasions by ever-present microbes. And all this from the little purple pill your doctor prescribed for your heart burn.

You may have been told or heard that if you do not take the little purple pill, you will erode the lining of the esophagus. This seems like a perfect solution to constant reflux into the esophagus caused by a mash of acids and gases from fermenting foods in the stomach that are not digested properly. 
Rather than eliminate the cause of the problem, it is much simpler to take a pill that will sop up all acids, including essential digestive acids. Then the mash of fermented, undigested foods will constantly pass through your system. You will not be bothered by heartburn since the acids are being blocked---including those you need to digest calcium.

Amazingly, people with the most serious heartburn generally need more acid in their stomach, not less. With adequate acid, food will digest properly and not lie fermenting in your stomach for hours. It will pass along properly and will not build up gas pressure, erupting into the esophagus. Once the cause of the problem is addressed in this way, the esophagus will heal up on its own.

If you decide that the little purple pill is for you, simply count on impaired immune function, potential memory problems due to B-12 deficiencies, and bone loss---to name just a few of the problems resulting from insufficient stomach acids. Remember, with one prescription, we can still figure out most of the side effects. With two, it is really tough. With three or more drugs, no physician or medical/pharmacological expert on earth can figure out what is going on in the body.

Keeps your body’s immune system properly functioning. Keep your bones, teeth, and skeleton healthy. Keep your muscles strong and your memory intact. Flush your antacids down the toilet---and tell your doctor you don’t want them if they are prescribed. To find out more of what you can do form my other post. thanks for reading
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