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The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet

Heal Your Body by Getting it Back in Balance

We’ve all said, “I need to eat healthier, so I can feel better and look sexier!” So we increase our daily intake of fruits and vegetables and call it good. But what does eating healthy really mean?

The Acid Alkaline diet is an alternative to modern, mainstream medicine, which often ignores the role eating right plays in optimizing health and fighting disease. One of the most recent and exciting health, discovery has been the effect foods have on the body’s acid-alkaline pH levels when digested.

A slightly alkaline body is critical for good health, you can try to eat right, but until you know how you won’t be able to really understand all its benefits. The typical western diet is acid producing,
meaning we are forcing our bodies to work in a battle zone. When acidic wastes build up, they cause organs to malfunction and break down. As our system weakens, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for many forms of chronic illnesses like fatigue, anxiety, irritability, osteoporosis and arthritis and can even cause kidney stones. The solution to feeling great and losing weight is countering acidity with alkaline foods.

Naturally in an alkaline state, the body should range about 7.4 to 7.6 on the pH scale. 
Acidic elevations throw off the body’s healthy balance, which increases risks for heart disease and diabetes. At a pH of 8.5, cancer cells cannot survive, meaning a high alkaline diet has the potential to decrease the risk of cancer or help fight the disease!

This alkaline diet guide and recipe packet teaches you:
The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet

The 12 perfect foods
Which foods will increase your energy levels
How to restore your health by creating a balanced diet to make you feel like a kid again!
10 easy tricks to boost your alkalinity and lose weight fast!
Being on this diet for just one week you’ll quickly realize that for years, you didn’t feel as well as you could. 
Protect yourself and your family from experiencing health complications that could possibly have been avoided. 
Discover a naturally healthy life and live better, with the Acid Alkaline Diet.
I want to tell you how happy and pleased I was to discover  the “Alkaline Diet”. 
My whole life has changed because of it. I thought  you probably won’t believe me, but I felt so horrible on a daily basis that I actually prayed one night and asked God to help me. 
Then I was blessed and guided to your site.
After studying the diet I realized that everything I put into my mouth was an acid type of food.
I can’t thank you enough for passing along your knowledge. I feel better, look better. Sexier and have 10 more times the amount of energy I had before

The talks come from 

Sharon H.
Pipersville, Pennsylvania
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